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Director of Photography: Margherita Allievi

Assistants: Aadi Chabukswar

Dancer: Adam Parslow

This is a short film that i created as part of my final major project for my uni project. It was made for the purpose as an advertising campaign for the sportswear brand 'PUMA'. I have chosen to celebrate the consumer and the dance community as this is something i do not see sportwear brands doing. I want to celebrate the greatness within each and everyone of us and that through such tools (the PUMA shoes in this case) we can tap into our full potential and 'Unleash Your Super' from within. 


Director Adam Parslow

Animation: Adam Parslow

This is a short animation I made which is called 'Purple'. It's a western digitally drawn story which depicts an ominous character drinking inside the town saloon. He gets disturbed and he is not a man you disturb if you knew anything about the man who wears the purple coat. 

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